Sunday, August 26, 2007

An essay for IELTS: Universities should accept equal number of males and females in each subject

Democracy is a norm in most countries; and equality of sexes is the important pillar of democracy. Hence, it seems obvious that universities should accept equal number of males and females in each subject. But, demography of a region especially with distribution of sexes as parameter is never constant. Also, interests of men and woman vary. These serve as deterring factors to the above solution.

In the modern world, many countries are now propagating democracy and equality of sexes. The feminist movement is gaining wider recognition. Gone are the days when women lived in the confines of their homes; women are competing with man in all areas of life, but still proportion of males in the field of education and work places is higher at times. Hence, to boost the confidence and morale of women, it seems ideal that universities reserve equal seats for both males and females.

The demography with distribution of sexes as parameter varies from region to region. In some places the number of male population is higher than female population. In such circumstances giving equal seats for both will deprive some while benefit others. Moreover, interests of men vary from that of females. For example, more number of women may prefer home science while less number of women may prefer engineering fields. Again this will result in certain seats being vacant due to lack of interest of certain sexes.

Though reserving equal seats for males and females looks like an ideal solution, considering the demography and the variable interests of males and females, it is better we refrain from implementing this policy.

Disclaimer: This is just a sample essay written while preparing for IELTS and is not essentially my opinion.

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