Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An essay for IELTS: Modern medicine helps to live long life. Do you agree?

Science and technology has taken wings, and has been advancing at a greater pace. It had drastically affected many areas of life and medicine is not an exception to it. The advances in medical sciences have ensured a longer life span for man.

Medical science has matured with time. Extensive researches have been carried out that has ensured advancement in the field of medicine, medicinal equipments and medicinal treatments. New drugs are continuously being released and better medical treatments are being introduced. Many sophisticated tools are at the medical professional’s disposal. All these have helped in the quick identification of illnesses and better, quicker solutions to health related issues and illnesses. Consequently, it has resulted in better health and longer life.

Most of the Governments are also pumping in a lot of money into research and to ensure that their citizens enjoy better health. State run hospital and other medical facilities have given better medical provisions for both rich and the poor. Insurance Companies have propped up providing health insurance. The common man is also well educated and informed of all these facilities. This has greatly influenced his health and further increased the average life span.

But even today there are poorer countries which still lack the basis health facilities. Thank God! There are still organizations like UNICEF, Red Cross, etc which run to the help of these poorer nations. No doubt, these organizations cannot totally cater to their needs but they do relieve some tensions and provide a smaller helping hand.

Medical science has truly advanced and has had a greater positive influence on the general health of the individual. To a greater extent we can conclude that modern medical science has increased the average life span of man.

Disclaimer: This is just a sample essay written while preparing for IELTS and is not essentially my opinion.

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