Sunday, September 9, 2007


Below are the few tips you can follow in reading and listening section of IELTS.


  1. Scan in seconds (not more than 5 seconds) to get gist of the content.
  2. Questions (a minute or two).
    • Scan the questions
    • Grasp as much as you can
    • Underline keywords
  3. Skimming
    • Skim through the entire section,
    • Understand and grasp the content
    • Underline keywords
  4. Read instructions carefully.
  5. Answer the questions that you know quickly.
  6. Do not spend more time on tough questions.
  7. Check the question numbers when writing the answer.
  8. Keep an eye on the time…..
  9. Be cool about questions that you cannot answer
    • Refer and check passage before answering.
    • Do not depend on memory.
    • Check the context also.
  10. Re read instructions and try to get clue form instructions in question when there is confusion
  11. Use $ technique. In questions where you have an 3 or more options eliminate only those that you are sure that they are incorrect and you can bet a few dollars in it.
  12. When writing answers for diagram check the question


  1. Read the instructions carefully.
  2. In the time given to read questions
    • Read the questions
    • Grasp the content
    • Underline keywords
  3. In the 30 seconds, read the questions of the other section
  4. Concentrate on present section. Forget about the questions in the previous section.
  5. If you miss questions just be cool